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Modest truths (Fickle Friday #52)


I think I have grown a lot in the past year- both forced by circumstance and through sheer power of will. I have a lot of people to be thankful for, and God too- life would have been a lot more rough without them. And dear stranger, my heart also has a place for you if you have stuck with reading the previous 51 entries revolving around my journey through 2016. Here are 16 modest truths I have realised this year. I will keep these lessons close to heart- I will make sure I continue to grow.


1. If it takes less than 5 minutes do it now.

2. If you love someone- friends, family or otherwise- tell them so, and often too. I often end my emails or long conversations like that- it stops being awkward after awhile. You never know when someone is in dire need of hearing it.

3. Appreciate beautiful things- spend time in the woods. Be thankful for an able body and mind.

4. Give chances and take chances. Go on dates you wouldn’t normally go on, say yes to that gathering that you fear might be awkward (it probably won’t be).

5. Be straightforward with people when things don’t work out. Be kind about it.

6. Know your worth and realise that your time is precious. Make time for people who see your value.

7. Don’t let a lack of company prevent you from doing things. Take yourself out for a swim or a hike, or for some good coffee. Work on becoming someone you’d enjoy spending time with. There is no reason your own company can’t be good company.

8. Remember that the size of your faith does not determine the abilities of your God.

9. Take things as they come. Anxiety stems not from thinking about your future but from trying to control it.

10. Remember that education is a privilege. Always fully apply yourself to the best of your abilities. If you aim to be a good doctor, work like a good student.

11. Don’t hesitate to ask your parents for advice- they’ve been young once; they have decades of experience. Tap into that resource.

12. Unless God builds the house, you labour in vain.

13. You don’t get to decide how people feel about your words and actions. If someone says you have hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you have not.

14. Shaky hands make for shit surgeons. Breathe- you will find that pesky bleeder; panic only makes things worse. Remember to count out your swabs!

15. Do not trade honesty for relatability.

16. There is value in things that are transient. Something doesn’t have to last forever to prove its worth.

Love, Jolyn

Icarus’ Lament (Fickle Friday #28)


Icarus’ Lament

May the day your lips sought mine
Be fodder for the dogs-
For that night I sawed off my wings:
Feathers stained crimson with betrayal
The ground littered with brittle bones

You were the blood in my veins
And I opened my wrists to set you free
Be free, be free, be rid of me.